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NiSi Athena Prime Set


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PL-Mount, E-Mount, RF-Mount

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Designed with a full-frame and 46mm imaging circle, this lens covers
focal lengths from 14mm ultra-wide angle to 85mm portrait focal
length, meeting the needs of most shooting scenarios.

Designed with micro-contrast control and ultra-low chromatic
aberration, these lenses offer unparalleled image quality with
finer image details. The lenses feature a large aperture of T1.9
and soft bokeh for beautiful background separation.

The Athena Prime lenses have been designed to minimize focus
breathing. This means that, regardless of the focal length or
aperture setting, the change in the field of view when adjusting focus
from the minimum focus distance to infinity is extremely small.

The Athena Prime Lens Series also includes a drop-in filter *
mount, which provides a more flexible workflow and creative
control for filmmaking.

All NiSi Athena Prime lenses are matched in weight and size, which
means they do not require rebalancing on a gimbal when switching
between lenses. The 77mm filter thread and matched aperture and
focus rings across the range also make it easy to use lens
accessories such as filters and focus gears. The focus ring features
300° of rotation with fluorescent focal scales for precise focus pulls.


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